Oh how I love an alterative bride! Breaking the rules is ok! After all, your wedding day should be anything but ordinary. Thankfully Ibiza is a safe haven for the extraordinary Bride. If you would rather have flowers in your hair than diamonds round your neck, there is no better place to express yourself on the biggest day of your life than this little whimsical white isle.

Thankfully we understand your "but i don't want to look like a giant puffball" pain! Rebecca Cella offers a made-to -measure Bridal service like no other. We travel near and far to create magical wedding dresses and IBIZA is always top of the list amongst our painfully cool brides to be! Your dream dress is our mission and it all starts from a single strand of yarn, and a sparkly one at that!

After carefully choosing every itsy bitsy detail we knit and embellish your dress to the very millimetre of your own personal measurements. Your dress will fit you and only you, like a glove. Slinky, elegant, definitely NOT puffball... This is a made-to-measure service like no other. At Rebecca Cella we live to create beauty, we believe that the perfect dress is key to the start to a long and happy marriage!